Working from our Bristol office, MSS offers a variety of VMware support services for businesses in Bristol, Wales and nationwide.

MSS are certified partners with the industry standard virtualisation software – VMware. They have an enormous range of virtual software to choose from, with something to fulfil every possible need and business size. Indeed MSS has provided VMware virtualisation software to companies of all sizes through Bristol, Wales and nationally.

Properly implemented VMware virtualization can significantly reduce initial and operational infrastructure costs through consolidating existing servers and containing additional hardware expenditure. In short, it greatly improves the utilisation of servers and storage, enabling you to get the most our your IT infrastructure. A lot of our clients are based in Bristol and Wales, where we offer a hands on approach to ensuring VMware works for your business. Much of our work comes from word of mouth owing to the fantastic support we offer.

To achieve the high performance, reliability and stability of VMware requires expert skill. The right software must be chosen and the virtual environment must be properly planned and implemented. MSS has significant experience in this field, helping many national, welsh and Bristol businesses implement VMware in their new or existing systems. Indeed, on x86 servers (common in many SMEs), MSS has taken utilisation rates from 5-15% up to 60-80%. In this way we have achieved consolidation ratios of up to 15:1, delivering significant cost savings.

If you are need of VMware support, look no further then Micro System, from our Bristol office we can offer nationwide support through our many regional distribution centres. We offer first class 24 support that is tailored to suit your business.

National Coverage

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