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MSS Virtualisation Software Solutions

MSS are partnered with the industry leading virtualisation software providers VMware and Microsoft HyperV. We can therefore offer the best virtual server software solutions on the market, at very competitive prices.

Virtualisation Benefits

Server Virtualisation can provide many benefits, often both technical and financial. It has long been necessary to use a single server for each application a company used. With virtualisation, this is no longer the case. It allows you to consolidate multiple servers onto one server running virtual environments. This can lead to significant savings in initial hardware costs, running and maintenance costs, as well as providing greater flexibility.

Virtual server solutions can also be used as a cost effective way to practice redundancy. It allows you to run back up copies of programs on another server. By doing this you can ensure your business critical applications are always available – even in the case of a server crash.

MSS Virtualisation Implementation Services

Whilst virtual server software can undoubtedly be very useful, it is also often extremely difficult to implement and configure properly. Therefore MSS not only supplies virtualization software, but our expert technicians can also design and implement the ideal setup, tailored to each of our customers specific needs.

Indeed, MSS has provided virtual server software solutions for businesses of all sizes. For our SME customers we are often able to consolidate 15 existing servers into 1-2 much easier to manage machines. We can also offer ongoing virtual server management if needed.

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