VAX Server Support

The VAX family of servers was produced by Digital Equipment Company (DEC). In their time they offered the fastest chips and best performance available. VAX servers continue to be used extensively in many companies’ IT systems, often in mission critical operations. However like other legacy systems they are unsupported by the vendor. The MSS team of expert technicians has extensive experience with VAX servers. We can therefore offer a range of solutions to allow you to continue to get stability and performance out of your DEC VAX equipment.

Examples of Vax servers supported:

VAXSTATION, MICROVAX, MICROVAX3100, VAX 3100, VAX 4000, VAX 4100, VAX 4300, VAX 4500. VAX 6000,VAX 6310, VAX 6320,VAX6330,VAX 6340, VAX 6410,VAX 6420,VAX 6430,VAX 7000, VAX 500au, VAX 600au.

National Coverage

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