Legacy System Support

Legacy systems often make up a vital part of a company’s IT infrastructure. These systems have generally been in place for many years and maybe used well passed the vendor-supported software and hardware lifetime. Legacy systems therefore present a complex strategic problem for IT managers. Indeed, this infrastructure is often used in mission critical processes essential to their businesses.

Legacy technologies continue to persist due to their tried and tested nature, stability and ability to meet user demands. In addition the cost of replacement and the inherent difficulties raised during migrating systems that require continual availability pose significant obstacles. Even when they have been replaced, legacy systems often remain as read-only repositories holding essential customer data.

It is safe to say that these systems will continue to play an important role in many organisations for the foreseeable future. However significant challenges arise in legacy system support and maintenance, as technological development and retirement leaves fewer and fewer people with the required skills.

MSS’s Legacy Experience

MSS are market leaders in this area. Our team of experts has a wealth of specialist knowledge and over 20 years experience in providing legacy system support. We pride ourselves on an uncompromising, cost-effective approach that delivers outstanding value for our customers. Blue chips including major banks and manufacturing giants, as well as government agencies rely on MSS to keep their legacy systems running smoothly.

MSS Legacy System Support

MSS offers unrivalled legacy system support tailored to meet the needs of each client. We have three specialist areas:

Legacy Hardware Support:

We have in-depth working knowledge of Legacy hardware including but certainly not limited to: Alpha servers, Sun Microsystems servers and VAX servers.

Legacy Software Support:

MSS specialises in supporting Legacy operating systems including VMS, OpenVMS, Solaris and TRU64 UNIX operating systems amongst others.

Legacy Managed Services/Monitoring:

We offer fully managed Legacy support services. Outsourcing your legacy system management to MSS offers many benefits. We can deliver the stability and reliability you need in a cost-effective manner without the requirement of specialist in-house staff. Our monitoring ensures that your business processes are never interrupted.

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